Jul 19, 2005

NRA pulls a shit move over assault weapons ban by Columbus OH city council

The chihuahua represents the city council of Columbus..if you didnt figure that out by now..

These fucktards are tossing around their weight as usual, and this time they are being real shitty about it..they are rubbing the city's nose in the fact that they just cancelled a convention, worth millions to the economy i might add, because the city council adopted a law banning certain types of ASSAULT RIFLES..the key word here is "assault"..its not a hand gun, or a hunting rifle..its a fucking assault rifle..one that is made only to kill people with lightening quick speed..I quote directly from the NY Times article here :"Thanks to the Columbus City Council, 65,000 people will not be coming to your wonderful Greater Columbus Convention Center in 2007," Wayne LaPierre, the rifle association's executive vice president, said in a news conference here. "The only thing the City Council can expect out of their decision is the gratitude of those businesses in the city we go to instead."

WHAT A FUCKING PRICK YOU ARE WAYNE..let me get this straight..you support any gun no matter what the use? your a sick fucker dude.you and your merry band of moronic bastards need to be held at gun point.specifically assault weapon gunpoint by some thug that wants your Lexus or your wallet or just YOU asshole..

The republican controlled Senate let the Clinton law regarding assault weapons expire last September..Columbus was merely attempting to plug the hole created by those nice guys in the Senate. The freaks at the NRA have managed to lobby 40 states to inact laws that wont allow cities within those states to pass their own gun laws..i believe in states rights but i also believe in city's being able to make their own laws too..its a double edged sword here, but on this one issue I say you can never have enough laws outlawing guns used for things other than sport..i grew up in a home where i never ate store bought meat until i was 10 years old..i believe in the right to hunt and protect yourself in your own home..or car even..but you do not need a fucking assault rifle to do any of those things...

the link to this madness is embedded in the title..

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