Sep 3, 2005

Chief Justice Rehnquest dies of cancer.

He worked up until a few days before his death so say his assistants. He refused to step down and let Bush name a successor prior to the new court session. Bush will now have the rare opportunity to replace two justices on the Supreme Court, the last time was 1971. Rehnquist, who championed states' rights and helped speed up executions, was the only member still on the court who voted onRoe v. Wade in 1973(he opposed the pro abortion ruling). He was a true right wing jurist although when he joined the court it was controlled by liberals. His belief in states having more autonomy is about the ONLY thing I agreed with him on. He voted against giving more protection to female victims of violent crime and he supported prayer in public schools.This will be an interesting summer and fall for the legal branch of our government and us as a nation since Bush will now leave a very large footprint on the court that will last for decades. FUCK!

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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