Sep 28, 2005

Tom DeLay Indicted..bout damn time!

Remember this face, its the face of an indicted US House Majority Leader!

A Travis County Texas grand jury today indicted U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on a single count of felony criminal conspiracy involving an exchange of money that made corporate cash available to Republican Texas House candidates in 2002. Corporate cash is a NO NO..and Tommy knew that.

The indictment alleges that DeLay conspired with two of his political cronies, John Colyandro of Austin and Jim Ellis of Virginia, to convert $190,000 in corporate money into individual campaign contributions through a transfer of funds using the Republican National Committee to launder the funds.

Colyandro and Ellis last year were indicted on a money laundering charge involving the transfer. They were reindicted earlier this month to add a criminal conspiracy charge each.

TRMPAC,DeLay's Texans for a Republic Majority Action Committee, raised and spent almost $650,000 in corporate money to influence the 2002 Texas House races. State law restricts the use of corporate and labor union money in races for elective office.

Being under indictment Delay must now resign his office of Majority Leader..Praise Jesus..there is justice for all..including the Repub's :) for a good read on all the crap that Tommy has pulled and got nailed the Slate ranks his escapades on the "Stench" and "Trouble" scale..this one indictment really stinks LOL..

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