Oct 18, 2005

Alive in Truth...an oral history of our time.

This is some raw stuff..its from the people that lived there..in New Orleans..its what they are going through NOW and THEN..and what they went through to get HERE and NOW...its more than some folks might be able to handle because its all true, the Oral Histories of the people that survived this act of nature..no News blips, no sound bites..just the "Alive Truth", an oral history of our times..in all its glory..or rather..all its depressing reality..the worst natural disaster in our history as a country...read it if you dare..if you can't, then, admit that you don't want to know the truth,what happened to the residents, what went down..cuz here it is folks..read it and weep..if you can..the link is here. I personally refuse to let it die..and I dont know ANYONE that went through the hurricane..but it has affected me for the rest of my adult life..like the killings of John and Bobby Kennedy...the gay men and lesbians that only want the same rights as hetero's, like the deaths for nothing in Vietnam and Iraq, like the black men and women that only wanted something better than being subservient to the white folks and the ability to vote for their representatives..

I am tired of people blaming the residents for their misfortune..I am tired of the right wing bitching about rebuilding an entire region and the cost involved..I am just tired of it all..but I can not escape the sense of horror that I know the people of the mississippi delta feel..they did nothing wrong...other than live below sea level and in some cases below the poverty level..which as far as I am concerned is a crock. When you do the best you can, and its not good enough..what do you do then?..an entire region was almost wiped off the face of the earth..and we are doing what to restore their sense of dignity? All humans deserve dignity..I dont give a rat's ass who or what they are..

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