Dec 28, 2005

Enron's main Accountant turns on the top brass to save his own ass.

Richard Causey evidently didnt relish the idea of doing time so he is singing his ass off to the Feds regarding the other two bastards that were to be tried with him, founder Kenneth Lay and CEO Jeff Skilling. Their joint trials were to begin Jan 17th.

Causey is forfitting over 1.25 million bucks and agreed to 7 years in prison...if he really sings his ass off they will let him out in 5 years. The most his dumbass could of gotten for securities fraud was 10 years.

This shows me that the case against these three wasnt very strong. They needed one of them to turn on the others to get it done. Causey is a better snitch than Fastow since he didnt skim off millions like Fastow did.

God I hope these sumbitches get some real time...but methinks they all will cop only makes sense now.

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