Dec 12, 2005

Tom Delays' grand plan for Texas will be reviewed by the Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court agreed today to consider the constitutionality of the redistricting plan concocted by Tommy Boy Delay. The major argument is that the redistricting diluted the minority voting strength within the state. This violates the Civil Rights Act of 1965, according to numerous lawsuits brought after the redistricting helped Repubs gain an additional 5 seats in 2004. The decision will be rendering prior to the summer recess. The case will be heard around March 1st. This is right before the election in Texas according to the NY Times article which you can read here. A brief excerpt of the article :

Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, convened a special session in which the new redistricting plan finally cleared the House. But then several Democrats in the Senate went into hiding. Despite the stalling tactics, the State Legislature finally adopted the plan, in part because Mr. DeLay brokered an agreement that satisfied enough lawmakers. (Mr. DeLay was later rebuked by the House Ethics Committee for using the Federal Aviation Administration to trace a private plane that carried some of the Democrats out of Texas.)

This should be some kind of summer for ol Tommy Boy..his trial for money laundering and now the possibility that his grand plan for Texas might be tossed in the shitter. We can only hope that he will get his both cases.

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