Jan 10, 2006

Abramoff cries crocodile tears.

The NY Times has an article which seems to be a pity party for Jackie A. I feel no pity for this man who referred to some of his clients as "apes" among other things. He lives in a fine house in one of Maryland's best neighborhoods. He will get to keep that house I am sure, although I believe he should be made to sell it to pay his $25 million debt to the Indian tribes he screwed over. In his address to the court and publicly, he feigned remorse for his actions, but privately he still believes he did nothing wrong, stating it was business as usual for Washington players like himself.

Jackie's daddy made this comment, according the the article: "I don't understand the situation that's engulfed our family," Frank Abramoff said. "My son is a religious person, a charitable-minded person. He's worked hard all his life and never asked for anything, and now for this to happen."

Are you just stupid or mentally-challenged Frank Abramoff? Are you so clueless to what your son did that you can ignore the facts of this investigation? I can not read Frank Abramoff's remark without getting sick to my stomach. Jackie A was a blight on society, he took advantange of people for his own financial gain and that of his Republican friends.

It was written that Jackie A carried Torah readings with him when he made his guilty pleas last week in Washington and Florida. After the courts are done doling out justice to him, God will eventually have his shot. I don't know how God deals with people like Jackie. But I hope its the same as child molesters and cold blooded killers. Jackie A deserves no mercy from God..or the legal system.

But I will bet my life that he gets mercy from both. And thats just plain wrong in my book.

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