Jan 28, 2006

CBS news skews with the truth..whats new?

I was watching the CBS News the evening this was done. I was shocked and depressed that people would be so stupid to buy into Bush's ram-rodding his right to spy on American citizens down our throats. I was amazed at over 50% of the "people" polled agreed it was ok for the Shrub to spy on us. I even blogged about it..and posted the numbers in my comments on other bloggers sites.

Now this comes out..Media Matters is a great organization, I have their "headline" box on my sidebar. They dont choose sides they just report the facts..or in this case, facts left out to skew the results..and the affect it has on the Public at large. John Roberts picked certain pieces of a CBS/NY Times Poll that backed his position up..showing We arent really so pissed off about the spying going on.....NOT!

If you read the entire POLL, you will see that when the words "fight terrorism," are removed from the question being asked the results are far from a victory for the Shrub and his cronies as Robert's led us to believe on TV that night. A direct quote from the Media Matters article: "Further, as the poll documents, "When the specific reason for the wiretapping -- to reduce the threat of terrorism" -- is omitted from the question, the number of Americans who approve of this action drops by 7 points" to 46-percent approval, with 50-percent disapproval."

I mean..if you think your neighbors think its ok for The Shrub to spy..why should you be bitching about it right? People follow the herd..not all but alot of them do. The American public in general doesnt have a clue about what is going on in Washington. They rely on others to fill them in, tell them the truth and they get it all in soundbites like John Robert's thursday night. People too busy working 10 hour days, raising a family, worrying about the mortgage..they rely on assholes like John Roberts to tell them the truth and not color it with opinions and lies and half-truths..a half-truth is a lie of omission..plain and simple.

Bullshit..pure unadulterated BULLSHIT...but it happens every day on every news show..believe it sportsfans..I am not lying to ya..but they are. Roberts is just the latest to get his dick slammed in the door.

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