Jan 27, 2006

John Kerry wants to filibuster Alito's vote and Bush's Q&A yesterday.

He hasn't made alot of noise...but now he wants to filibuster the vote on Alito..which the Repubs are trying to push through now...as in Monday or Tuesday.

It takes 41 votes to sustain a filibuster..does he have them?

Methinks he doesnt. The Democrats will just roll over and let this man into the Supreme Court.

Bush is yammering to anyone that will listen that his spying on American citizens is legal and even if its not, he needs to do it. For the good of the country and of course his favorite cause...TERRORISM. They are keeping track of all Anti-Bush activity..as witnessed by their response to the "peanut butter protest". The Fed's are attempting to make anyone that disagree's with the government appear "unamerican" and a threat to national security.

This is BULLSHIT sportsfans. Pure and simple. The government is spending millions tracking their own citizens. Where is Bin Laden? Bush has had YEARS to find him. He tore up Afganistan looking for him.

He cant find Bin Laden so he spins his wheels going after his own countrymen and women. Spin..the boys at BushCo are so damn good at spinning the bullshit. People are buying into it, the polls are showing his relentless blather is working. A quote from the Shrub during yesterdays Q&A: "I want to give you some thoughts about what I am thinking about"..WTF is that shit? HUH? He sounds like Yogi Berra for gods sake. We the people..are buying into his smokescreens even though the man sounds like a complete idiot when he speaks. Fitzpatrick needs to get moving on Plamegate, The investigation into Abramoffs group of "friends" needs to start snaring the guilty Repubs in its web. I think that is the only thing that will turn the tide. It has to be shoved down the general publics throat that this administration is corrupt. People get their "news" in 45 second soundbites each night. Give them a soundbite that will make them sit up and listen..want to know more. How many people watched that idiot yesterday? How many people sat there like I did and wondered how in the hell he made it past elementary school..or perhaps he is brain-dead from years of alcohol abuse..the answer..VERY FEW. No one takes the time to watch him. Their lives are too busy with taking care of business that directly affects them. This doesnt affect the public at large..not yet anyway. And by the time it DOES affect them..it will be too late.

The Democrats need to keep the heat on the crooked, lying Repubs. They react, not ACT. Someone needs to go on the Offensive..not always be on the Defensive. Any one of our Elected Officials needs to stand on the steps of the Capitol every single day and sound the alarm, address whatever stupid retarded comments the Shrub has made the day before. Show the people how his lack of knowledge and his apparent inability to complete a thought or sentence in public is affecting us here and abroad. He sounds like an idiot..he is a puppet for the far right and I'll be damned if he doesnt sound like one.

Someone needs to rent a set of balls and stand away the crowd of wimpering Democrats and stay on task..call out the corrupt, lying, constitution-ignoring Shrub and his band of merry men.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself. The Democrats look like a deer in headlights. They look afraid, dont they?

And I am fearful that the Shrub is winning the war of words, because the "other" side is silent and unorganized.

Postscript: Bush has nominated Noel Hillman, chief prosecutor on the Abramoff case to a federal judgeship..gee whiz..ain't that grand..and timely..Hillman quit his job as prosecutor faster than you can spit in the face of corruption.

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