Feb 13, 2006

Bakersfield and Child Molesters

Someone needs to ask Eddie Jagels, our very own District Attorney about Child Molesters. I would love to hear his take on what its all about...Mainly because whatever he believes..the appellate courts did NOT. His office convicted a boat-load of people on that charge..most of 'em were reversed. Those folks were a tad pissed about their lives being yanked out from under them and they filed lawsuits against the County..big, high-dollar suits. Can't blame em can ya? Costs the taxpayers and the Board of Supervisors a whole lotta cash, even after the Insurance companies paid up...don't ya think?

One of the children that testified..one of the many coerced children...later killed themself. The child could not live with the lie they took part in about someone they cared about. A lie that sent a loved one to prison for many years. The judge refused to let the child recant their testimony. Was he part of the "good ol' boyz network" here in Bake-town, that officer of the court? What do YOU think?

All because ...after hours and hours of police and psychological mucky-mucks grilled them..they finally agreed with them, those children..just to get it all to stop. Do the words "prosecutorial misconduct" ring a bell?

Ask Mr. Modahl's kids about the tactics used to extract incriminating evidence. The article in Rolling Stone is very explicit about this particular part of the witchhunt. To quote from the Rolling Stone article: "No physical evidence was found to corroborate any of their testimonies: no hooks or holes where hooks might have been, no pornographic videotapes, no dead bodies in the fields behind the churches where the sacrifices had allegedly taken place. Yet Jagels identified eight pedophilia rings in Kern County between 1983 and 1987 and sent twenty-nine people to prison for molesting children, some for sentences as long as 400 years."

That's a helluva lot of folks for this relatively small farming and oil community..even LA or San Fran has never convicted that big a ring of Child Molesters..nope..not even sports fans.

Give ya the particulars tomorrow..

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