Feb 1, 2006

Hitting the "Easy" button

The Shrub is one paranoid mutha..he had Cindy Sheehan tossed out on her ear for wearing a friggin T-Shirt..no shit sportsfans..according to her and various witness's..she didnt do squat to warrant getting booted from the balcony prior to the Shrubs' hour-long lies and bullshit session known as the State of the Union speech. Now I would bet my last dollah that he (the Shrub) didnt personally have her tossed..but his cronies were in full force..and if the staff was trigger-happy about "leftwingers" this move certainly showed their true colors..as if we didn't know already..Edit: the gestapo on Capitol Hill apologized to Cindy and the House of Reps wife that also got tossed for wearing a pro Shrub T-shirt. At least they were an equal opportunity bunch of freaks, tossing someone from each side of the spectrum.

Its not a high crime or a misdemeanor to disagree with the current Prez..it never has been..

But..this Prez..the Shrub, has attempted to paint ALL citizens that voice an ideal different than his as being "against us"..bullshit I say..and emphatically I might add. Its not against any laws to oppose the Prez..its our right according to the Constitution. The Shrub makes it his job to bust the chops of everyone that doesn't hold his ideals..which last time I checked is getting slimmer and smaller. People aren't stupid..they just don't pay attention. If something doesn't affect them personally, they dont give a shit..plain and simple..the public at large thinks business as usual means our elected representatives take graft and cater to the special interest groups..thats a sad state of affairs if you ask me.

The Shrub had lots of standing "O's" Tuesday evening..nothing new there..the party in control always does that shit. The problem is..what in the blue hell were they applauding? He didnt say anything other than Shrub-speak..he told us the "NCLB"(No Child Left Behind) is working..thats a bunch of hooey if I ever heard one..states are sueing the Fed's because the law is bullshit and..NOT funded.. Healthcare is working better cuz people have that fucking "healthcare account" to squirrel money away in..jesus..millions of people dont even HAVE healthcare, why would they give a shit about a "healthcare account"? I could sit here and type for an hour about the lies and horseshit he spouted whilst on that podium..but you my dear reader, have read or hear it all by now..

The Democrats put up the new Governor from my old state of Virginia to rebuke the Shrubs horseshit..he did an ok job..but he didnt say anything of substance either..NO ONE is saying anything worth a shit. Its all rhetoric designed to fill a 60 second soundbite..

Everyone is hitting the "Easy" button..both parties. Someone needs to stand up and tell us what the hell they see as wrong and how they plan to fix it..someone needs to take the lead..They can not play the religion card, they can not pander to the paranoid upper quarter of the working population that are so fucking afraid of losing all that the Shrub has given or promised them. They can not ignore how the current administration has abandoned the victims of Katrina, and how that reflects on all of us as citizens. We can not shove Democracy down the entire globe's population and the rest be damned. Christ, we cant even feed or offer our own population health care, yet the Shrub has us defending democracy throughout the entire fucking world. Its not isolationism George..its called taking care of business at home first ya moron. Spend my fucking money here jackass before you squander it on a country like Iraq all because they have fossil fuel up the wazoo in the ground there. Find Bin-Laden you dumb sumbitch..you have had years to find him..o..wait..that would mean an end to terrorism wouldnt it? Nevermind George..I get it..you keep crying Wolf..and hope that the masses don't figure it out..before you get out of office anyway...keep em scared so they give you all the power you think you need...that way they don't worry about things like health insurance or their jobs moving to New Delhi..hey..maybe they will not notice that the oil industry made record profits whilst the public paid out the friggin nose for gas to go to work each and every friggin day.

Maybe they won't remember what your mom said about the victims of Katrina..you remember don't ya George..that the Astrodome was a "step up" for them compared to their own homes.

Your playing the odds George. I am betting you break that "Easy" button..and it all bites you in your upper-crust ass prior to your last day in office..

I am playing a different set of odds George..who's gonna come out on top?

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