Feb 21, 2006

Katrina victims still getting screwed by FEMA

Good ol' Oprah did a piece on Katrina victims yesterday. I watched and cried at the hopelessness of these individuals. I couldnt believe what I saw in the video from New Orleans and Mississippi taken recently..its like nothing has been done to the area. All the houses are still destroyed and sitting as they did when the flood waters subsided. There are literally thousands of trailers sitting empty, yet FEMA is tired of paying for the hotel rooms so they are stopping that gravy train. There are estimates of 11,000..THATS ELEVEN THOUSAND trailers sitting unused and unoccupied. Lisa Ling did the video and the narration.

I am being sarcastic..because its not a gravy train, although the Shrub's minions at FEMA probably think it is. There are 6 or more people to ONE fucking hotel room, whole families living in one room like sardines in a can. Or the ones living in tents, using a porto-potty. It reminded me of Tijuana, of a third world country..but its HERE, in America sportsfans.
Why are all those thousands of trailers sitting empty when people are facing the probability of living in homeless shelters as of March 15?????

Our country should be ashamed. Americans should look at this and say to themselves..what if it was me? What would I do if my home was destroyed, my job was gone and I had no where else to go?

Because my dear reader..it could all happen in a second..to any of us, and by no fault of our own. This is what we could expect from our government. Shocking isn't it? Disgusting by any stretch of the imagination. Lets keep spending money on Iraq..and ignoring what is going on at home..come on..jump on that Bush bandwagon sportsfans.

Or wonder how you would deal with life if this happened to you after a hurricane, tornado or earthquake hit...

Just pray you don't have to ever find out.

A first person account and a fantastic article on the aftermath of Katrina is here by Bill Quigley. The author and his wife stayed behind for five days after the hurricane hit. He is a lawyer, she is a nurse. He tell us the specifics of who is getting screwed and why. Read it and weep..I literally did.

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