Feb 4, 2006

Scooters suits tipping their hand?

According to the LA Times article I read with my morning coffee, Scooter Libby's lawyers are using the "I'm too important to remember everything and everyone I talk to" defense. Why they think this will work with everyday folks as a defense kinda baffles me. His jury isn't going to include the Washington elite and powerful.

The suits might be using this strategy only as a means to gather up all the Prosecution's notes and other documents which they are trying to supoena this past week.

Unless ol' Scooter is in the habit of speaking to reporters about sensitive info on a regular basis, this just seems freaking stupid to me. Also, why would the defense attorneys need notes from the other side to make their case..evidence is one thing..notes entirely another.

Oh yeah..his trial wont start until Jan 2007..its gonna be a long summer. Another Watergate summer eh Enigma?

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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