Apr 9, 2006

Halliburton subsidiary still making soldiers sick,literally.

Halliburton, who states they are providing water that meets the Army's standards, is still poisoning our soldiers. A Doctor serving in Iraq has written an email which states she has treated numerous bacterial infections within the last two weeks. The water that is used for brushing teeth, showering and shaving was shown to contain E-coli bacteria and coliform.

If that isn't bad enough...it was also found that the water being used by our soldiers was actually waste water from the purification unit. Halliburtons response was to treat the water with chlorine.

KBR is a subsidiary of Halliburton which is treating the water our soldiers use in Iraq. When Dr. Michelle Callahan again raised the issue that the water was still foul-smelling and cloudy,KBR installed an additional purification unit.

The water for showers was not chlorinated. I think they should make the assholes that run KBR shower and brush their teeth in the same water that our soldiers are forced to use. Bet the damn water would be clean then. Linkage to the Houston Chronicle article is here.

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