Apr 18, 2006

Jack Anderson's family tells the FBI to Fark off..

I stole this from the Total Fark section at Fark.com..I love that site..but I digress..

Former Columist Jack Anderson's family has told the FBI to screw off with regards to looking thru all of Jack's personal written effects. Jack passed on in Dec at 83 years of age. His whole professional life was muckraking..so his family figured Jack might roll over in his grave and come back to smite their ass's if they agreed to the FBI's request which is based on the assumption that Jack has some "secret" documents in his possessions..who gives a rats ass what's in there? What difference would it make now? Unless he has some really good shit on current Repubes in office..oh..lets say..Dickless Cheney or Rummy perhaps?

Anyway..the 200 boxes of writings that belonged to Jack were given to George Washington University per Jack's wishes..The Feds attempted to strong arm the Uni associate Prof. Feldstein to turn over the boxes for them to paw thru prior to the Uni opening them. THANK GOD..he told them to fark off as well and alerted the widow, who hired an attorney and the rest, as they say..can be read here at CNN. Jack's son, in response to the Fed's whining that secret documents are still the property of the government and were considering a court order to obtain any and all secret documents said: "that Dad would say they belong to all the citizens of the United States.""He would be rolling over in his grave to think that the FBI was going to go crawling through his papers willy-nilly," Kevin Anderson told the AP.

Its a decent read if you love to hate the overbearing assholes at the FBI..check it out if you got a few moments..the smarmy fuckers really take the cake. They can't say what they think he's got..just that they THINK he's got something..talk about a fishing expedition..

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