Apr 17, 2006

Tony Blair won't be covering our back if the Shrub attacks Iran

Seems Blair has learned a thing or two since he got involved in the occupation of Iraq. He has told the Shrub he will not be a party to any invasion or attack of Iran, even if the international community gives it the "thumbs up". This bit of fresh air is brought to us via one of Blairs minions in an article here.

Bet this took the wind right out of the Shrubs sails..and explains why Condi is now working the boys at the UN to place meaningful sanctions against Iran.

Iran is the "new" pain in the ass, I freely admit this. I have no ideas on how to deal with them. They are a crazy bunch of religious nutjobs..seriously. They have always had a hard-on for the U.S. and they would love nothing better than nuking Israel into oblivion. They remind me of the kid down the street that always runs his mouth about how he is gonna kick someones ass but never does, he just loves hearing himself talk..and LOUDLY at that. So..if we ignore Iran..what will happen? They have been center stage for awhile now..running their collective yap about anything and everything. I think they like being the new bully on the block, they love being the center of attention. If the UN could just once, enforce sanctions against them, maybe Iran will play nice?

But whatever happens..Blair says it will happen without any troops from Britain being used. A British "think tank" states that if pressure is systematically applied on Iran via diplomatic circles that Iran will return to the "fold" ala Libya.

I think its worth a shot prior to nuking them for making nukes.

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