May 16, 2006

Ayaan Hirsi Ali comes to America..A female Rush Limbaugh?

It's about a woman who happens to be Muslim. She did a movie that exposed the dark belly of female abuse within the Dutch Muslim community. She is moving to America, she is the controversial Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I say controversial only because she is just that in her adopted land of the Netherlands. The director of her latest movie about the abuse of Muslim Fundi's women,Theo Van Gogh, was murdered in broad daylight,on a busy street in Amsterdam. The brutality of the murder is what stands out. They didn't just shoot him, twice even. They slit his throat from ear to ear and then took a dagger and plunged it into his chest with a note attached..for Ms.Ali.

Theo was the great grand nephew of yes, THAT VanGogh. Ms.Ali has taken a position at that Think Tank so fond of the Shrub and his ideals, the American Enterprize Institute(AEI).That is where Krazy Karl spoke on Monday, if it kind of rings a bell sportfans. Ayaan Ali has a deep hatred for the Muslim Fundi's,personally I don't know who could blame her in that respect.

What has caused the furor in Europe is that she lied on her asylum request to enter the Netherlands. She is one of the strict immigration proponents that has now had, what I like to call..a Rush Limbaugh moment.

As a believer in strict immigration policies, she must be having a helluva time explaining this one..or perhaps,she isn't explaining it. Thats why the move to America perhaps, although having a letter addressed to you sticking out of a brutally murdered man would tend to help make up your mind too. But, the boys and girls over at AEI didn't have a problem with her obvious double-standard regarding who should be allowed to immigrate and why. Somehow I was not surprised that they welcomed her with open arms. Immigration policies are only for the little mexican farmworker doesn't apply to folks with money, fame or a huge political following.

An article on Theo van Gogh can be found by clicking on his name above. He was considered a pain in the ass by some..a brillant film-maker by others. A write up about Ms.Ali can be found here. The DailyKos had this to say about Ms. Ali: "DailyKos diarist Dearkitty, who lives in the Netherlands, slams Ali, claiming she's been "exposed as a fake," and that the AEI is "one of the most prominent pro Bush pro war neocon spin factories in the USA."

My POV is this..she might be Rush Limbaugh in high-heels,but the shit she has seen with regard to the crazy sumbitch's known as the Islamic Fundi's makes me respect that she had the nads to do the book and then the movie. The title of the documentary is Submission, and the IMDB has a short synopis here.

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