May 4, 2006

FEMA closing NOLA office..WTF?

After the Shrub has stated on numerous occasions that the federal government will stay as long as it takes to rebuild post-Katrina....drumroll please...The FEMA office is closing in New Orleans and all of the federal employees save five have been reassigned. The remaining five are waiting for reassignment orders.

The rebuilding hasn't even begun in earnest. There are still homeless victims of Katrina trying to piece their lives and those of their families together. The city's officials and business leaders have asked for funding to support the hiring of planners and FEMA doesn't think its their job to provide funds for that endeavor..*cough*bullshit*cough*.

Since much of the reason the city is still unplanned much less rebuilding, is due to FEMA's tardy and sometimes fucktarded response to can they abandon New Orleans? the nuclear waste in Hanford..the feds just don't want to be bothered. They would rather allocate tax savings for Oil companies and the upper 1% of the population. They gotta cut something somewhere to do that you know..

So, once again..the victims of Katrina get the short end of the stick..thanks guys..your running true to form ya bastards.

The link to the AP writeup by Rukmini Callimachi is here.

Edit: The pic is courtesy of Sue who is going back to NOLA and will let us know what is happening there from her perspective. Her blog is over on my sidebar if you, my dear reader don't blogroll her.

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