May 8, 2006

Global warming and species extinction are inter-twined

I remember crying as a child when I heard about a species of animal becoming extinct. I would lie on my bed and cry my eyes out, wondering why god would allow this to happen.

I don't cry anymore, it happens too often now. And I realize god had nothing to do with it. It was humans and their quest to live where ever they wanted, or something they needed from a part of the earth animals only inhabited, and stupid human needs such as animal tusks to be ground into powder for old men who lost their sex drive.

Scientists have also discovered that global warming affects many animal species' ability to survive. more thing global warming affects. The following quote is from an article on : "Overall, 16,119 animal and plant species are in danger of extinction, including 1 in 8 birds, 1 in 4 mammals and 1 in 3 amphibian species. Since records began, 784 species have been declared extinct. From the poles to the deserts, “biodiversity loss is increasing, not slowing down,” says IUCN director-general Achim Steiner."

Of course global warming isn't the only culprit..people are still the biggest bully on the block. I felt the saddness that surrounded me as a child when I read the article. Knowing there were beautiful creatures I would never see and the eco-chain was getting the shaft again. Ah..progress..its such a heartless bitch.

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