May 30, 2006

Iran wanted negotiations in 2003, US said NO.

American Prospect has a great read up here about the Shrub and our favorite mullahs. Back in 2003, Iran secretly attempted to work out a deal with our Decider-in-chief..all to no avail. Here is a very telling quote from the Prospect article: "In the spring of 2003, the Islamic Republic of Iran not only proposed to negotiate with the Bush administration on its nuclear program and its support for terrorists but also offered concrete concessions that went very far toward meeting U.S. concerns. "

Hello!!!!! WTF is wrong with this picture? I will tell you..our illustrious leaders blew it off.

Richard Armitage, one of Colin Powell's minions pushed for negotiations..guess which side refused Iran's overture...go ahead..I will wait..

The group which always sides with Israel..who'd of thunk it? Yeah,right. Israel seeks nothing less than the complete annilation of all Islamic nations. This is fairly evident by thier inablity to consider negotiations even when an offer has been extended by a country such as Iran. Such an offer was made as I stated in 2003.

Flynt Leverett, a lifer at the CIA as an analyst and counter-terrorism expert attempted to institute discussions after 9-11 with all middle-east countries that were thought to harbor and support those lovely folks known as Al-Queda. Here is another quote from the American Prospect article regarding said talks: "“The United States was about to mount a global war on terrorism with complete legitimacy from the United Nations,” recalls Leverett, “and these states didn’t want to get on the downside of it.” Within weeks, Iran, Syria, Libya, and Sudan all approached the United States through various channels to offer their help in the fight against al-Qaeda. “The Iranians said we don’t like al-Qaeda any better than you, and we have assets in Afghanistan that could be useful,” Leverett recalls."

The article goes on to describe how Colin Powell and his boys started everything in motion to work with Iran regarding Al-Queda. Its heartening until you get to this:

The Neo-cons strike,effectively tossing the negotiations out the window in favor of..whats our favorite phrase kids?.....

Regime Change!!!!

Yes folks, our lovely and esteemed security advisor, Condo Rice couldn't stand up to the asshat from Texas and his this scathing review of her follows in the article: "A stronger, more self-confident national security adviser would have insisted that an ill-informed President consider the pros and cons of making such a far-reaching foreign-policy decision on the basis of a half-baked concept, and perhaps insist on intelligence advice on the matter. But Rice had already earned a reputation among national security officials for always staying in Bush’s good graces by taking whatever position she believed he would favor. “She would guess which way the President would go and make sure that’s where she came out,” says Wilkerson, who watched her operate for four years. “She would be an advocate up to a point, but her advocacy would cease as soon as she sniffed the President’s position.”

Oh yeah..don't piss the Shrub off..hell no..don't stand up to the Decider,or Rummy or Dead-eye Dick.

I don't want to spoil the ending for you, my dear go read it. It might make your head spin and you might feel faint at the end..but its life, its a golden opportunity that flew out the window with the asshats and cronies running the show. Dead-eye Dick, Rummy and a cast of asshats not only put a stop to negotiations, they demanded that the negotiator be reprimanded (Guldimann) for having passed it on.Sad ain't it?

Its a great read, the author is Gareth Porter. I feel the information he reveals is enough to choke a systematically goes thru the whole process that was summarily shot down in favor guessed it..REGIME CHANGE.

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