Jun 14, 2006

Jason Leopold won't "out" his sources afterall.

According to TalkLeft.com, Salon and even Jason Leopold himself on the Ed Shultz radioshow Tuesday, his sources will not be divulged now as promised regarding the infamous "Rove Indicted' article at TruthOut.org. last month.

Both TalkLeft and Tim Grieve's Salon article question how Leopold and TruthOut can still imply they might be vindicated..Krazy Karl isn't indicted and doesn't appear to be on the verge of it either after Tuesday's announcement. TalkLeft is quite methodical in their attempt to stand behind Leopold on his story, but come to the conclusion that Leopold was lied to. The Shultz show,which you can hear in the link above, was interesting. Shultz kept hammering at him about the "story" sources. Leopold refused to admit they lied to him. He is still hanging onto the hope that he will be vindicated...how, I haven't a clue. Leopold was demanding that Rove's attorney Luskin produce the letter..

Dude..he doesn't have to..and he won't.

Shultz used the words..credibility and integrity..he asked why was Leopold protecting the very people that led to his and TruthOut's credibility and integrity being questioned. Leopold said this is not just "his" story anymore..its a joint effort at TruthOut. Leopold states its not up to him anymore if the sources on the Rove Indictment are outed.

If anyone listens to the interview I have linked..let me know what you think of it. My thought is that Jason Leopold got slapped around pretty good by Ed and he had no comeback, no excuse other than to ask questions that have no answers forthcoming, and as Ed pointed out, don't have a damn thing to do with his story that Rove was indicted. His response was this: "Until I hear from Patrick Fitzgerald, until Patrick Fitzgerald actually makes a statement and says, 'This is, in fact, exactly what's going on,' I'm not going to budge from my position in terms of what was reported."

In any case..a retraction is due..at the very least, if TruthOut values its credibility and integrity.

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