Jun 29, 2006

Supremes just say NO to Gitmo

The Supremes ruled against the Shrub today saying he has broken the law(thats a surprise,I know),ruling that the military tribunals his minions created to try terror suspects violate both American military law and ..I love this part..the Geneva Convention.
And if that didn't piss him off, they also ruled, in a 5-to-3 breakdown,that the effort by Congress to "strip the court of jurisdiction over habeas corpus appeals by detainees at the prison camp in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba" was total and complete bullshit....Alrighty then!

This was based on the case brought by Osama's former driver, the infamous Salmin Hamdan, who the courts said "could not be tried on the conspiracy charge lodged against him because international military law requires that prosecutions focus on specific acts, not broad conspiracy charges"

The majority was made up of Stevens, Souter, Ginsberg, Breyer and once again, Kennedy. Scalia, Thomas and Alito were the dissenting stooges..er..judges. Roberts recused himself since he had ruled on this case at the appeal court level last year.

Thomas was so pissed, that he read his dissenting opinion aloud from the bench. He has never done that during his 15 years as a Supreme. His major statement was that this would "sorely hamper the president's ability to confront and defeat a new and deadly enemy."

Well no shit sherlock..but its also illegal..

Cmdr. Charles Swift, the Navy lawyer assigned to represent Hamdan said that todays ruling brings "a return to our fundamental values."

It was also a wonderful kick in the nads to the Shrub and his facist,power-grabbing buddies. It made my morning to read this article from the NY Times. I hope it makes your day too, my dear reader. :)

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