Jun 21, 2006

TruthOut's Marc Ash address's Lauria's WaPo article.

Today, Marc Ash has written an article about the hatchet job done on Jason Leopold over at WaPo. Marc has basically called out WaPo and Lauria regarding his scathing article that personally rips Leopold as a person more than a journalist. The main part of Ash's article:

For the record, since the entire basis for Lauria's story is a poorly defined, and factually uncorroborated version of events promulgated by Karl Rove's public relations contractor, I think Lauria's getting a free ride to notoriety from the Post. Apparently Lauria recognized that there was a hot market for hit pieces on Jason Leopold and TO. The Washington Post was buying, and Lauria was all to happy to cash in.

We urge The Post and Lauria to meet the same standard that we have been held to these past weeks - account for your statements, please.

It was a nasty article, if you would like to read Lauria's WaPo piece..the linkage is here.

WaPo actually links to my last post about the Lauria article here, stating I am defending Leopold. I thought I merely said that Lauria was sliming the man and I refused to post any of his nastiness in my blog...

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