Jul 24, 2006

Monday...monday..going from bad to worse on the Wiretapping front.

I attended the CSN&Y "Freedom of Speech" concert last night. For a review of said concert, check out my fluff blog here. It will also tell you why I will be posting sporadically for the next three days...

What is on my mind today is Arlen Specter's new proposed bill regarding the Decider-in-Chief's power to wiretap. Seems the Shrub's boy Arlen wants to remove any oversight by Congress, the FISA courts or the Judicial branch. There is an excellent article over at TomPaine.com about this bill and what it entails. A little exerpt for you, my dear reader:

"Confronted by an executive branch fighting tooth and nail to prevent both judicial and legislative oversight, the Specter bill guts both judicial and legislative scrutiny. It also gives the executive open-ended license to conduct whatever spying—and possibly other, coercive counter-terrorism measures—it sees fit. The bill thus combines two easy-to-understand principles: No accountability, and no restraint."

This is total bullshit..he is attempting to circumvent the Bill of Rights and I can not believe anyone will back this bill. But...the repubes will back anything at this point..so call,write and email your representatives to make sure this friggin piece of crap never sees the light of day.

The writeup goes into detail about what the bill will do to our rights and those of Congress and the Judicial branch to reign in the Shrub..please go over and read it..and then tell me what you think of such a brazen attempt to circumvent the system. When will this crap end?

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