Aug 8, 2006

BP knew the pipeline was bad..

had a piece tonight about BP having not only knowledge of how bad the state of their pipeline was, but they hadn't performed normal proactive maintenance procedures for over 15 years. They had a huge spill 5 months ago and this wasn't a clue gents?

Are you selling a bridge in Brooklyn too?

Asshats such as the BP Boyz need to feel some serious heat for this bullshit. Talk about the cost of doing business..

The fact that they poisoned a huge area of Alaska with their oil spill, and didn't blink an eye over it should tell you what their priority it while you can and screw the environment. Some parts of the pipeline are quoted as being "paper thin". The environmental disaster would be horrific.

Arent' these the guys that say they are the "greenest" of the oil companies? Lying bags of batshit.

Today's, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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