Aug 6, 2006

Bush wants control of the National Guard

And the governors don't like it. Bush has another of those "proposals" in Congress that would give him control of the National Guard without the Governor's consent.

This administration is fucking losing it sportsfans..seriously. Its called the National Defense Act. The House has approved it.

But the Senate hasn't. According to the AP wirestory here, The measure would remove the currently required consent of governors for the federalization of the Guard, which is shared between the individual states and the federal government.

The National Governors Assoc. has sent a formal opposition letter to the House leaders regarding this lil change.

The Shrub's boyz are using Katrina as an excuse for this move. I call bullshit on this..and so does the NGA. Facism anyone?
EDIT: If you put this proposal together with the one I have below this one and add to that equation all the moves the executive branch has made since the beginning of the Shrub's second term with regard to secrecy and executive powers...its as obvious as the nose on your or my face..they want to centralize complete control within the executive do you call that?

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