Aug 29, 2006

Bush's visit to NOLA from the Times-Picayune

He went to a Betsy's on Canal Street. He shook hands and made promises to stick by New Orleans through a longterm rebuilding effort.

Funny, but he allowed the closing of the FEMA office in NOLA months ago..but I digress. Back to the Times-Picayune article:

As he walked through the crowd like a politician running for office, he heard this from behind him:
"Mr. President, are you going to turn your back on me?" waitress Joyce Labruzzo asked him. "No ma'am," he said. Then, taking a more somber tone, he added: "Not again," an apparent acknowledgment of the sluggish federal response to Katrina a year ago, one that left thousands stranded and suffering. --and word..not the article's.

Bush would relay the same sentiment, more formally, in a speech at Warren Easton High School later in the morning.

"I take full responsibility for the federal government's response," the president said. -Gee thats big of him, dont ya think? Its easy to take the blame..much harder to actually DO something about it..

Bush promised continued federal support for the rebuilding of Southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and renewed his pledge to New Orleans - to do "whatever it takes" - first made in a speech at Jackson Square soonafter the flood. --Why has less than half the federal resources put aside to rebuild the area been allocated? Its been a fucking year for christ's sake..

"Throughout the area hit by the hurricane, we will do what it takes, we will stay as long as it takes, to help citizens rebuild their communities and their lives," Bush said nearly a year ago. "And all who question the future of the Crescent City need to know there is no way to imagine America without New Orleans, and this great city will rise again."--Excuse me, but what exactly is it going to take to get you sumbitches to release the funds? Your holding it hostage you lying bag of sheep shit.
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"I strongly urge the United States Congress to pass energy legislation that will give the state of Louisiana more revenues from offshore leases so they can restore the wetlands," Bush said. --Hello..every state that has oil drilling either on their land or off their shores get a big piece of the action..every state but Louisanna..and he is "urging" Congress to pass legislation? How about demanding it asshole?

The president offered no details, however, on the amount or percentage of money he'd like to see redirected, a subject of fierce debate in Congress. -This is part of the history I talk about Steve..yes I am talking to you annonny-maus..this is the history of the region, they don't get shit from the Oil revenue..nada..zilch zippo. Alaska gets SO much friggin money, they don't have state sales tax, they also give every man, woman and child a check each year from the oil revenue.NOLA just wants their fare fucking share.

Back to the article: The Bush Administration historically has been wary of sharing offshore oil and gas royalties with the states, but the administration recently endorsed the revenue-sharing bill that recently passed the Senate, in part because it supports more drilling in the Gulf. The bill would give Gulf Coast states 35 percent of royalties on new production in 8 million acres in the eastern Gulf. Bush opposed a separate House-passed bill calling for states to get a cut of royalties on existing wells, too, which would have put substantially more money in the state's coffers.--God forbid he try to make right what the state of LA. has been getting screwed out of for decades.

After a year in which much federal money has been promised and a much smaller portion delivered, Bush spelled out the need to push rebuilding money through the bureaucratic pipeline more quickly. "All of us agree, at all levels of government," Bush said, "that we've got to get the money as quickly as possible into the hands of the people, so they can rebuild their lives and help this city recover."--Lets check back in oh, say..six months and see if he made good on any of these promises shall we? In the last year, his buddies in the big corporations have raked in the profits while pretending to clean up and rebuild the region..meanwhile the residential areas still lie in ruins.

The original article can be read here.


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