Aug 20, 2006

Food for thought, a film worth seeing on HBO.

First, the Spike Lee film on HBO. Its first run is two parts, Monday and Tuesday evening. "WhenTthe Levees Broke' is about New Orleans after Katrina, the biggest most disgusting act of terror to hit our country this side of 9-11..and we can thank our federal government for most of it.

The Food for Thought is from Its an article up at Washington Monthly. The title is: Higher Power by Robert Dreyfuss. Its about the secret group put together by none other than the Shrub's daddy's favorite Fixer, Jim Baker. Baker has put together a bi-partisan group of folks to figure out how to save the Repubes and take the occupation of Iraq out of the mix. This group has been working in secret since March. It was created by Republican Frank Wolf, representative of VA. Wolf is the chairman of the appropriations subcommittee that funds the State Department. I know Baker is a freak, but he is just one person. A blurb from the article to peak your interest:

"Wolf's motivation in creating the Iraq Study Group seems to be genuine concern that the war isn't going well and that public support for it is evaporating. During his visit to Iraq, where he spent hours with U.S. military officers in the field, Wolf says that his eyes were opened. "Some of the things that were told to me, I had never seen before: the destabilization of the region," Wolf told me. "Some of the scenarios that were given to me [included] the overthrow of the Saudi government, [along with both] the Jordanian government and the Egyptian government.... So I just felt, let's take another look. And no one should be afraid of doing it.""

Finally, a repube that admits our current administration has bitten off more than it can chew and he's willing to try something different. I am quite sure its stacked with some powerful Repubes but one I do admire is Sandra Day O'Connor. A centrist group is what is needed and hopefully this group named the "Iraq Study Group" will be able to figure out how to get us out of the shithole known as the occupation of Iraq. Of course people on the left side of the dial fear this is only to save the repubes in the presidential election year of 08, but to me, the goal of getting untangled from Iraq is vastly more important than who is going to sit their white ass in the Oval Office next time around.

The article is a great read, very long and even I havent' finished it yet. I gotta lay down for a bit. Have a good Sunday night, watch Deadwood, only two episodes left..and don't forget about Spike's film on HBO tomorrow and Tuesday night.. TIVO or DVR it..if only to remember that the Shrub and his yahoo's should all rot in hell for what happened to the people of New Orleans, and still continues a year later.


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