Aug 28, 2006

Is Arnold getting desperate here in California? He's lying about Angelides tax reform.

The LAT did a writeup here a few days back about Ahnolds outright lies attacking Angelides on his tax is the real truth:

• A tax cut for the middle class, small businesses and seniors totaling $1.4 billion
• A rollback in college tuitions to the pre-Schwarzenegger era, amounting to a $600-million break. Also, a $400-million increase in school spending and affordable health insurance for all kids
• Creation of a blue-ribbon commission to recommend how to raise $2 billion by closing corporate loopholes
• A long-promised hike in the top income tax rate from 9.3% to 11% — same as it was under Govs. Pete Wilson and Ronald Reagan — for individuals making $250,000 a year and couples earning $500,000. That rate would continue for three years, hitting the wealthiest 1% of taxpayers and generating $3.1 billion annually.
I am sure Arnie's handlers learned from the Rovian playbook, but this is outright bs my dear reader..and its time we get the word out that the Governator is running scared and lying his ass off.

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