Aug 31, 2006

Rummy and the Big-Dick out on tour for the war effort

And basically they are tossing the rest of us, that don't go with their program, under the bus. Everyone by now has heard or read about Rummy's rant. The push for the 9/11 anniversary, will now overshadow that of our biggest tragedy, the Gulf Region and NOLA after Katrina.

Thats because they all came off looking like fucking boobs and continue to do so with respect to rebuilding the Gulf. Ah, but 9/11, is vastly different..

It works for them. It gives them an enemy to demonize and rail against. When I saw the headline about Rummy's speech I just went..oh fuck, are you kidding me? Seriously..I did.

A bunch of American Legionnaires got to listen to Rummy spew some shit the other day. Poor suckers. Of course Rummy was in his element, so it really worked well for him..go figure.So the shills and Oval Office whores will be warming up the audiences' to the run-up of the anniversary of 9/11. Big-Dick Cheney also gave a barn-burner of a speech at the U.S. Strategic Command in Omaha. He slammed those of us that dare to question or point at them and object to the war machine. Thats his schtick of course.

So Frick and Frack did their stints in front of the home crowds, spewing venom and attacks that in essence will be repeated a million times between now and election day. But Rummy went a step further and really pulled out the big guns, as witnessed by this little writeup over at Ol Rummy gave us these actual questions for us to think on:

Can "we" afford to believe we can negotiate with terrorists? Well, his other choice is I am banking on negotiating..sorry, I am just not into war as a means of solving differences between cultures and countries. And my money is on most of American not being into war as a means to end the bullshit standoffs in the Middle East. So, was he bashing the majority of Americans that do not want to wage war all over the fucking place or what? This part really jacked my jaw: "any kind of moral or intellectual confusion about who and what is right or wrong can weaken the ability of free societies to persevere in any long war."--Did that fuckwit just say we are in for a long fucking war? Did he say we were "confused"???

His minion explained the remark by saying Rummy just wants us to remember history and what happened in the 30's. -Excuse me, but that was a totally different type of vile was a country lead by a ruler that was quite obvious, and his troops,well they were dressed for combat and fought a traditional war..if there is such a thing..which btw isn't how the current bad-guys fight..And then the bag of batshit compared us to the people that wanted to appease Hitler..oh no he didn't....

Nancy 'bulldog" Pelosi had this reponse to Rummy's bitchfest: "If Mr. Rumsfeld is so concerned with comparisons to World War Two, he should explain why our troops have now been fighting in Iraq longer than it took our forces to defeat the Nazis in Europe,"--Good point Nancy, like I said..this old sumbitch is using tactics that were applied to fighting Hitler, to a new breed of vulgar assholes that hide amongst the woman and children, and do not wear uniforms and fight in the open.

Retired Army officer and and Senator from Rhode Island, Jack Reed a member of the Armed Services Committee btw, had this to say about Rummy's delusional attack on the majority of americans: "Secretary Rumsfeld continually substitutes sloganeering for strategy. And any strategy relies not only on a plan, but also adequate resources. And in the case of Iraq, there was no adequate planning and insufficient resources from the very beginning."--Thank you Jack, and btw..we don't have the soldiers to wage a sustained war against everyone we hate or can't get along with..unless of course we bring back the draft..

Back to the Big-Dick, our VP of whoring..he was really 'en fuego" too, schilling for Bush by reminding his captive audience of Veterans in Reno of the following: "No one can guarantee that we won't be struck again. But to have come this far without another attack is no accident," Cheney said, crediting "sound" decisions by President Bush and vigilance by U.S. agencies and the military."--Jeebus, I almost bit off my tongue when I read about the "sound decisions"..I shat you not dear reader. And god knows "these guys" and their buddies at the NSA and CIA are just the best at stopping terrorist activities..right? Well, they are really good at spying..on us at least.

All I know is..we are going to get a friggin shitload of warmongering between now and 9/ can take that to the bank my dear reader. Lets hope the Dems' and those that oppose spending millions of tax dollars,watching thousands of American soldiers die in a losing situation, will keep up the counter-attack on this bravado and bullshit from the Executive Branch's bullies..I can't wait for Bush to hit the least he should provide some guffaws..the man can't put two sentences together without looking like the village idiot...but he is the Main Event on the "Support the war or else" Tour this election season.

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