Aug 4, 2006

Whats wrong with incumbents like Joe Lieberman you ask?

David Sirota pointed out a piece on Rolling Stone's site today. If you don't read Sirota's blog..shame on you. The man fucking rocks. Anyway, I digress..

The title of the article on RS is: The Low Post, the Mansion Family. Great title no? Gives you a hint of whats to come. Its by Matt Taibbi and its his column for RS. He rants about yuppie paranoia and David Brooks. Sorry, but I have come to loathe yuppies. I have one for a sister. I love her but I hate her. Its tough being related to her. She bitches that I do not do more to appear youthful,she loves to pass the time buying gadgets and bullshit as she drives around town in her gigantic SUV alone and she doesn't understand whats wrong with hating most liberal ideology,afterall...liberals just want more of her hard earned money for programs that don't interest poor kids, the I need to paint you a picture of her greed and self-centeredness? I think not. Your smarter than that my dear reader. But to get back to Taibbi's piece..David Brooks is a prick. This is not news. But Taibbi links Brooks with the Democratic Leadership Council as peas in a pod.

I know..your Isn't the DLC a good thing?

No, its not..not if your so inclined as to hate anything that panders to corporotocracy and the assholes that run the world and its inhabitants into the ground lately. A quote from the article describing the DLC:

"The DLC, a nonprofit created in the mid-1980s to help big business have a say in the Democratic Party platform, supports the status quo because they are paid agents of the commercial interests that define it."--Its the Dem's version of protecting big business interests, similar to the "K St. Boys" for the likes of Tom DeLay and the Republicans. The status quo, is Joe Lieberman and the commercial interests are of course the polluters and bottom-line watching corporations that want a favor when they need it from the Dems. Taibbi takes to task the Democrats that don't seem to understand what's wrong with backing Joe Lieberman.

Huh? If you have to explain to someone, whats wrong with Joe Lieberman..I think your wasting your time. They are already on the "other side" of the issue. The DLC backs Joe..full on. So does Hillary and a host of other "traditional" Dem's that have lots of money and recycle like good boys and girls. Maxine Waters doesn't like Joe Lieberman and I love that broad. She understands that its folks like Joe Lieberman that got us into this mess in the first place. They put big business before social issues, fossel fuel issues and a host of other issues that compassionate folks like the netroots believe our country needs to take care of before we worry about the profit margins for Eli Lily or Union Carbide. Its the Dem's that voted for the Bankruptcy Bill that hosed over consumers and gave a huge break to business's that file bankruptcy. It's the Dems that voted for the Medicare part D bullshit.

I mention those two corporations because they heart the DLC..which makes my skin crawl. The DLC is supported by they bow to their needs. Its not just the Repubes that heart big business.. no sir ree bob. Its anyone that needs them to pay the re-election bills. Its the incumbents. The DLC just puts a good spin on it so we don't think about the fact that they just sold us down the river when Dem's voted for that bill that in the fine print gives something to big business and takes it from know..the "we" in we, the people.

Incumbents no longer represent the people that elected them in large part. They represent the corporate interests that give them money for the campaign trail. Big business doesn't want to hear about the immorality of the occupation of Iraq or how the Pharmacutical Industry is fucking us without even kissing us first. Its a "follow the money" tale sportsfans. If your incumbent gets most of his campaign financing from big business, you got a corporate shill in DC for a representative. He isn't watching your back, he's watching his slush fund that masquerades as his campaign warchest. If you think I am full of shit, just read this quote by Will Marshall, one of the asshats running the DLC, from Taibbi's article:

"What we're seeing is an ideological purge," he said cheerily. "It's national effort by the left to get rid of somebody they've decided to demonize . . . we have concerns about narrow dogmatism. . ."--Do you want these guys representing you on Capitol Hill? He is talking about the netroots, he is calling us names and vilifying us as wingnuts trying to control the Democratic Party. Millions of people can't be wrong when it comes to wanting Joe Lieberman and self-serving incumbents out of office, but to listen to the DLC we are wingnuts on parade and we are not to be trusted.

Fuck the DLC and Joe Lieberman. Give me my country back you sumbitches. Before big business was lining the pockets of the was lining the pockets of Democrats. In some circles they STILL line the pockets of Democrats. Follow the money..if your incumbent gets most of his campaign financing from big business your screwed. Your incumbent will screw you, he has to. Eventually, he has to pay the piper. And the piper isn't you and I, my dear reader. Not by a long shot. Joe has got to go, and so does any other Democrat that prays at the alter of big business. Lieberman is but one incumbent sweating this election. Make sure your incumbent knows she/he is next if they don't get off the gravy train of big business interests over those of people.

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