Sep 2, 2006

3 Days in September-a haunting documentary

Beslan, the Russian city of 35,000 inhabitants was where the Chechen terrorists took an entire school hostage for 57 horror-filled hours on Sept 1st 2004. It's playing on HBO, but its also available for rent I think. Its a gripping documentary told from the survivors perspective. Everyone had or knew a child at the school when the terrorists took over 1200 hostages..

It even has footage filmed by the terrorists during the siege. Julia Roberts is the narrator. When it ended on Sept 3rd, there was hundreds of wounded and dead, over 300 killed, half children. The children attending the school were between 6-12 years of age.

Terrorists aren't always Muslims you know..but they are always people that think they have been shafted somehow, some way by the people in power. And they are willing to kill children to get attention. Isn't that enough to pay attention to them, that they would kill our children so easily? It's a hard question to answer, and I do not have the answers. Sometimes, I think no one does, when people are so willing to kill and be killed to make their friggin point.

Time has an archived article here.

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