Sep 15, 2006

California group behind "swiftboat" smear campaigns running in W.VA & GA.

Surely no one is surprized this bag of batshit is coming out of the woodwork again,right? From Capitol Hill Blue this morning comes this news:

"Bob J. Perry, a Texas homebuilder with close ties to White House advisor Karl Rove and former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, recently made the hefty donations to the Economic Freedom Fund, a newly created California group." --The 'donation' amount you ask?

Five Million Bucks.

Now, for some reason I thought a "donation" of that amount was illegal..nope, according to CHB:

"The group is a so-called 527 that is not subject to conventional campaign finance restrictions and can spend unlimited amounts on election advocacy, similar to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. In the 2004 presidential race, the group of Vietnam veterans made unsubstantiated allegations challenging Kerry's record of wartime heroism."

The fact that this guy is aligned with Tom DeLay and Karl Rove says it all, doesn't it? The group is called, god I just love this name...Economic Freedom Fund. Anything BUT the truth right guys? But it sure is a catchy name. Perry is the ONLY contributor listed so far and the group's FEC filing gives this info about them: Charles H. Bell Jr., a Sacramento attorney listed as the fund's contact, did not return repeated phone calls. On its FEC filings, the group lists as its address the same Sacramento office as Bell's law firm, Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk...Read the rest of the article and who they have attacked so far here, its not long but its worth the time.

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