Sep 18, 2006

Danforth blasts Repubes in his new book.

John Danforth, the man many say was the second pick for Bush's Vice Prez in his first run is releasing a book. I do love this brief bit from the RawStory article:

"In Faith and Politics, to be released Tuesday, Danforth blasts the alignment of the Republican Party with the Christian right, lays out his most aggressive pro-gay stance to date and attacks the handling of the Terri Schiavo case. Some people have asked me whether America is a Christian country. The answer must be no, for to call this a Christian country is to say that non-Christians are of some lesser order, not full fledged citizens of one nation." Danforth is himself an ordained Episcopal minister."

He also blasted the interference of the legislative branch in the Terry Schiavo case: ""They intervened not in the name of principle, but at the expense of principle," Danforth avers. "They abandoned principle by deciding a medical question without any firsthand knowledge of what they were doing."

He blasts the Repubes on gay rights as well: "I believe that homosexuality is a matter of sexual orientation rather than preference," he writes. "Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is, in my view, comparable to discrimination on other civil rights grounds. It is wrong, and it should be prohibited by law." *snip*"I think that the only purpose served by the campaign for the amendment is the humiliation of gay Americans, advocated by the Christian right and eagerly supported by its suitors in the Republican Party," he adds. "In reality, it is gay bashing."*snip*"America's divorce rate is now over 50 percent, and marriage is under attack from a number of quarters: finances, promiscuity, alcohol and drugs, the pressures of work, cultural acceptance of divorce, et cetera," he pens. "But it is incomprehensible that one of these threats is when someone else, whom we have never seen, in a place where we may have never been, has done something we don't like."

Now I can see why Bush didn't pick Danforth..he made much too much sense for Bush to deal with a person of his intelligence and lack of fear-mongering and most likely his lack of war-mongering as well since he is a true religious man...unlike Bush, DeLay, Rove and the rest of the regime's chickenhawks.

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