Sep 17, 2006

Sen. Landrieu rips into the Repubes on the floor.

Bob Geiger has this vid up on his site, I just wanted to make sure My dear reader got to see it. The senator from the state of LA. had her turn after two Repubes went to town with their favorite chant, the "dems are soft on terrorism, and keeping us safe".

The Dems aren't running the show, so how can the Repubes legitimately expect people to buy the bs? The Dem's have to hit this talking point hard the next few weeks..and hit them every frigging day on it. The Repubes aren't doing squat to get us out of the mess in Iraq and Afganistan and they just love the shit out of torture and holding 14,000 people for years at a time without one ounce of due process. Who is in charge? THEY are..and they are doing a shitty job of wrapping this 5 year nightmare up. The Dem's have to get their plan for getting out of the mess out in front and to the people. They have one, they just haven't harped on it like the Repubes do with regard to calling the other side of the aisle soft on terrorism.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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