Sep 25, 2006

You can't get a Drivers License in CO. but a Federal Passport? No problem..

The Colorado state senator that pushed through a bill which he said was a tough stand against illegals just got a taste of his own medicene. Andy McElhany is a a staunch anti-immigration type of guy. But he didn't think through this law evidently, according to this article from the Rocky Mt. News: Earlier this month, a Colorado Springs driver's license office refused to issue McElhany's 15-year- old daughter a learner's permit when she presented a passport to prove she is a bona fide Colorado resident and U.S. citizen.

Now, you know he is pissed. Damn pissed. But the DMV of CO was just following the law, right? This brings up the problems of these types of laws which the narrow-minded fuckwits that propose and pass them never think through. Andy had this to say about the DMV's refusal to allow his kid to get her learner's permit:

"Our daughter is a legal citizen with a legal passport," said McElhany, R-Colorado Springs. "There is no reason to believe a 15-year-old has a fake passport."--Why the hell not Andy? Its a perfectly good assumption to make, afterall, illegals are just flocking to Colorado in the thousands to try and get a drivers license, and of course they are bringing their kids too you asshat.

But in all fairness, the head of the DMV has changed the guidelines 4 times since the new law was passed last summer. The arguement is that it's too easy to get a Federal passport. Very little ID is required to get one. Which if you think about it is...FELONY DUMB FOLKS! According to the article this is all you need to get a passport:
Cooke said the federal government does not require the use of a person's full legal name for the issuance of a passport. It also does not require "rigid proof" of identity or legal residency in the United States. And, Cooke said, if an applicant can't produce some form of ID, he or she can still get a passport if friends or family members take an oath that they've known the individual for at least two years and that he or she is a U.S. citizen.

So, to all the terrorists and illegals out there..go for a passport, but do, not under ANY circumstances, try to get a drivers license from the state of Colorado because..

Even a Colorado. state senator's daughter can't get one.

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