Oct 25, 2006

Cheney: Waterboarding is ok. its a no-brainer

For the love of god..did that sumbitch actually say that? According to this write up, he did:

"The radio interview Tuesday was the first time that a senior Bush administration official has confirmed that U.S. interrogators used water-boarding against important al-Qaida suspects, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged chief architect of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Mohammad was captured in Pakistan on March 1, 2003, and turned over to the CIA."

Man, I just don't see how people can sleep at night thinking this kinda shit is ok. WTF is wrong with them?

Edit: Well, the sumbitch actually said it. The White House website has it online here, the whole interview. Guess it's not really torture then, if the WhiteHouse says its not...


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