Oct 1, 2006

Foleygate: Its time for some amnesia attacks from the Moral Majority Leadership

House Speaker Denny Hastert has CRS, House Majority Leader Rep. John Boehner has it too. Only Rep. Thomas Reynolds, the other GOP leader informed of the Foley situation in 2005, says he personally spoke to Hastert about it last year and sticks to his guns on the point.

CRS=Cant Remember Shit.

I do not see any humor in these men playing 'fuck-around with the facts' of when they were informed about the predatory emails being written by FL's Mark Foley. For some reason I would like to think that if someone I knew, told me someone else I knew was having a strange predatory relationship with a child on company time on the internet...Not only would I friggin remember when I was told, I would make sure it went all the way up the chain of command and to law enforcement.

These men just covered their asses..or are in the process of trying to do so. Its a weak-ass attempt I might add, because NONE of them told law enforcement about what was going on. Clearly laws were being broken. The Moral Majority is very big on child protection...so why did the Republican House Leadership hold back and turn their backs on what Mark Foley did and apparently continued to do?

Self-preservation? In the harsh glare of today, that doesn't seem logical to me. But then, I am not a Republican.

The only Democrat involved in this Circle-Jerk of ass covering, Rep. Dale Kildee of the page program, said although it seems everyone around him knew what was going on, he was never informed. WaPo has this line in an article about who is backpeddaling their asses off now: "Republicans fear the scandal, coming in the wake of indictments of three GOP congressmen this year, might add to the public's unrest at the party's image and conduct, and some House members yesterday joined in the chorus of dismay and scorn."

Stay tuned..its going to be a busy month as many of the Republican heirarchy fumble, stumble and throw each other under the bus on this one. At this point at least FIVE, count em, five.. Republican congressmen knew about this and did nothing, or just warned the Republican above them about the inappropriate behavior.

They would rather protect a fellow-republican than protect a child...nice..very nicely done gents. Your true allegience is showing, and its not pretty. Perhaps this is gods way of thinning the herd of Republicans? Will they become the Moral Minority after election day? We can only hope dear reader...

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