Oct 14, 2006

A Leftwing nutjob editorial...

If you, my dear reader, take the time to read the post below this one..you will know about that which I am ranting about now. Craig is a conservative blogger whom I spend many hours debating each month. As I have said before, Craig is thoughtful, considerate and can provide links to his side of any arguement. The following editorial is in response to a comment Craig left over at Bring it On to the post below this editorial which I cross-posted at BIO.

This isnt’ about privacy, its about being compartmentalized by the Federal Goverment as something or someone to track and keep tabs on. Its about the labeling of groups of people that are not doing anything wrong, such as the Quakers, as “possible terrorist activity”. Its the whole friggin mindset that “if your not with us your against us” and that gives the goverment the right to throw a huge net out there and track everyone that doesn’t agree with its policies.

Now, the NYT, which the conservatives love to scream about being so damn liberal-oriented wrote the article with a very leading title, which of course will catch most readers attention. But the only example that they point out in detail is the Santa Cruz protests against the military recruiters on the campus. Why don’t they mention the Peanut Butter protests? Why don’t they go into detail about the Ohio protests, or the Quaker meetings they were infiltrating and spying upon?

Because THOSE protests were peaceful. Those protests are in no way a threat to our beloved military industrial complex or our recruitment efforts. Those are the kinds of protests that wouldn’t get the con’s like Craig to shake their heads and say..

See? They are going after our recruiters, they SHOULD be watched, they are violent extremists who wish to do harm to legal recruitment efforts. They are nutjobs who SHOULD be watched.

So, tell me again Craig, how onesided the NYT always is. This article was written by someone that seems to have conservative sympathies because they only go into detail about the one protest that might rightfully draw the attention of the Fed. Gov’t. If I hadn’t blogged about this
activity 10 months ago, I could rightfully assume that the goverment is only really watching the protests that border on extreme based on this current NYT article.

But since I am well aware of the huge net our goverment is tossing over any type of anti-war sentiment, I can say its all bullshit paranoia, or a way to keep a database on everyone the goverment doesn’t like, inspite of the fact they have done nothing illegal, or threatening. They are only exercising their right to peaceful dissent, non-violent protests and in some cases just getting together to talk about what they don’t like. Does that demand the attention of and a database maintained by our Federal Goverment?


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