Oct 10, 2006

Terrorism is in the eye of the beholder.

Harpers has an article online entitled: Posada,A Double Standard in the War on Terror. It's about Luis Posada Carriles a man born in Cuba. This man, who is now very old, was trained by our CIA. He has also provided the US government with his services for other clandestine operations in South America. Posada ran arms to U.S.-backed Contras for Lt. Col. Oliver North; he has served as a spy for the Salvadoran president and military junta leader Napoleon Duarte; and he admitted to a New York Times reporter in 1998 that he organized a string of bombings of hotels and restaurants in Cuba during the 1990s.

I think that makes him a terrorist..

Ah, but a terrorist with the blessings of our government..is not really a terrorist it seems.

Last year, Posada entered the US illegally. He lived in southern Florida where the anti-Castro compadres welcomed him with open arms. But he eventually was picked up by Immigration. He was ordered to be deported but the Judge ruled he couldn't be sent to either Cuba or Venezuela..who want him for a variety of terrorist acts.

The Judge ruled out Cuba and Venezuela because...they would possibly torture him. I kid you not. According to the Harpers article: "The governments of Cuba and Venezuela have both called on the Bush Administration to turn Posada over and thereby prove that there are no double standards in the war on terrorism. Posada, in turn, applied to become a U.S. citizen but subsequently withdrew his citizenship application, according to his attorney, to avoid embarrassing the U.S. government."

The irony is getting so thick you can almost cut it with a knife, don't you think? But wait..theres more.

Judge Abbott, in considering whether to order Posada expelled from the U.S., listed off Posada’s nefarious career highlights and weighed whether the U.S.–backed Bay of Pigs operation met the definition of terrorism. “It doesn't necessarily matter who helped it,” Abbott told the Miami Herald. “The question is whether that kind of activity today would be defined as aiding terrorism or participating in acts of terrorism.”--I think it is a textbook case of terrorism Judge, but I am not a jurist.

In issuing his September 11 order to release Posada, the Judge wrote: "that Posada must be freed unless the U.S. Attorney General certified that there are “reasonable grounds to believe” that Posada has engaged in certain terrorist activities or that he presents a threat to national security."

Alberto... yes,that Alberto Gonzalez, our U.S. Attorney General..has done nor said anything my dear reader to stop this terrorist from being released from prison.

Oh...did I mention he blew up an airliner and killed 73 people on October 6,1976? If the U.S. District Court upholds the ruling..this terrorist will be loose and on our streets very soon...

Ain't that something?

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