Oct 9, 2006

While Foleygate distracts, Rove's top aide resigns

Every time the Bush Administration has bad news to release, it does it on a friday afternoon. This shouldn't be "news" to anyone that pays attention. This past friday was no exception.

From the NYT article on Saturday: "Susan B. Ralston, a former aide to the disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff who went on to work for the presidential adviser Karl Rove, has resigned from the White House after a report that she was a conduit between the two men."- now, Ms. Ralston used the time honored excuse of "to persue other opportunities" as her reason for the resignation. All together now...


She quit because a Congressional report came out that linked her to the "documented hundreds of contacts between Mr. Abramoff and the White House."--Remember how Georgie said he had so few contacts with Mr. Abramoff that he didn't even remember him? I don't recall Rove ever saying that. Perhaps there is a reason Krazy Karl has never uttered that phrase.

Because it would be a bald-faced lie if he did.

Fast forward to Monday morning. The NYT has an Opinion piece up about the "The White House and Mr. Abramoff". The author gives us a look into the bipartisan report issued last week, to wit:

"A newly released report, prepared with unusual bipartisan backing by the House Government Reform Committee, paints a different reality. It reveals that between January 2001 and March 2004, Mr. Abramoff and members of his staff had some 485 contacts with key White House officials, including at least 10 direct contacts between Mr. Abramoff and Mr. Rove. Billing records and e-mail messages unearthed by the committee indicate that Mr. Abramoff and his colleagues spent nearly $25,000 on meals and tickets for White House officials."

Isn't that something? Funny how it got so little notice by the MSM who are spinning their wheels on finding more lurid IM's from Foley to underage pages and how Denny Hastert has apparently been covering for the Elected Pedophile for some time now.

The White House breathed a huge sigh of relief I bet...their little ticking timebomb went unnoticed by the majority of the MSM and the rabid left stuck on FoleyGate. Another nice little quote from the Opinion piece:

"Indeed, it appears that Mr. Rove sat with Mr. Abramoff in the lobbyist’s box seats for an N.C.A.A. basketball playoff game in 2002, an occasion Mr. Abramoff memorialized in an e-mail message to a colleague. “Told me anytime we need something just let him know through Susan.”

We need to keep our eye on the Big Prize folks..Krazy Karl and the White House. That is the biggest Prize of all.

For those that don't like the NYT, here is the WaPo writeup that was printed September 30th.about the released report. A quote from their writeup about the report: "On Oct. 21, 2001, Ralston e-mailed Abramoff that Rove had read an Abramoff memo about a political endorsement in an obscure race in the Mariana Islands. Ralston reported back to Abramoff that Rove had agreed, writing in an e-mail the next day: "You win :)"--Interesting, no?

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