Dec 18, 2006

Government spys running into each other..

Which is how I take this story today from the LAT. Keystone Cops came to mind also. A short blurb:

"The spy missions are part of a highly classified program that officials say has better positioned the United States to track terrorist networks and capture or kill enemy operatives in regions such as the Horn of Africa, where weak governments are unable to respond to emerging threats. But the initiative has also led to several embarrassing incidents for the United States, including a shootout in Paraguay and the exposure of a sensitive intelligence operation in East Africa, according to current and former officials familiar with the matter. And to date, the effort has not led to the capture of a significant terrorism suspect."

What fuckwittery this is with our tax money. Millions upon millions of bucks. But since it's a "classified" endeavor..we aren't allowed to know what they do and how much money they spend to do it.

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