Jan 10, 2007

Bush tells us what exactly?

He still believes a military victory is possible. Did he really friggin say that? Did I hear him say NOVEMBER?

Another year, guaranteed of this shit? As someone said..the President is going for "double or nothing" on this war. He is also going to jack Iran and Syria's jaw a bit.

Does he have a secret stash of troops that we don't know about? Because we don't have the bodies to throw at his "war". He expects the Iraq government to meet some benchmarks before we toss more soldiers into the mix..yeah, ok..Maliki is so full of shit, up to his brown eyes, he is either unable or refuses to disarm the Mahdi Army and shut down Al-Sadr's ass. Between the Shrub and Maliki..there is so much spin, its making me dizzy.

Republicans will be siding with the Dem's in the legislature..Congress will not be sitting by and watching this nitemare and funding it without a fight. Debate on Iraq might finally happen my dear reader. The Republicans up for election in 08 aren't going to follow Bush and his minions down THIS road willingly.

But, a win..will not look like your grandaddy's win according to the Decider-in-Chief..so wtf will it look like Mr. President? He is going to be leaving this mess for someone else to clean up, you can bet your ass on that. November, hell why didn't he say a full year..next January.

And I loved that the Prez is still pushing the same reasons for entering Iraq, all of which people know are crap.

MSNBC is showing a protest outside the gates of the White House..gotta go.

Edit: Full text of the Shrub's speech is here..enjoy :P(snark alert on the "enjoy")

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