Jan 10, 2007

The President will speak tonite, tomorrow thousands will march against his plan

There are many groups that still hold out hope that our current resident of the oval office will do something so incredibly wrong, that Impeachment will be the only recourse. Many of us believe he has already committed that act, vis a vis the war in Iraq and spying on Americans without a warrant or use of the FISA courts. Tomorrow there will be marches and rallys all over our Nation to "Just say No" to the Presidents "new" plan for Iraq. The following groups all support the efforts of AmericaSaysNo.org and will be participating in "A Nationwide Surge of Protest" tomorrow;

United for Peace & Justice
Democracy For America
Mainstreet Moms
Progressive Democrats of America
National Organization for Women (NOW)
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
Faithful America
Women's Action for New Directions (WAND)
United Methodist General Board of Church and Society
Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR)
Working Assets
DC for Democracy
U.S. Labor Against the War
Peace Action
20/20 Vision
Feminist Majority
American Friends Service Committee

Any of the links above should take you to a page where you can see what is happening in your area. If any of my wonderful readers could post a link to the action page at AmericaSaysNo.org page, this will get us some much needed publicity for all the marches and rallys to be held tomorrow. Most will be after work, around 6pm from what I have seen. Let us all unite as one voice tomorrow to show solidarity with every group and individual who is tired of the status quo both in the White House and in Iraq.

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