Jan 24, 2007

The SOTU according to Bush..my take

First..if you missed this little piece of history..you can view the written word here. The White House site is always happen to indulge us with the Decider-in-Chiefs verbage..or garbage..depending on your POV my dear reader. This is what I took away from his scant 49 minutes of speechifying Tuesday night.

When he said balance the budget, I almost shat myself. This coming from a President that doesn't know what the word veto means..or hasn't until the Dem's start passing some bills. Just how he plans to balance the budget whilst spending $8 billion a month in Iraq is beyond me..and I will hazard a guess the Dems were scratching their heads (or balls) on that one too.

Health Insurance. I quit playing with the lint in my bellybutton when I heard him say the words "health care for all Americans". But his idea of healthcare isn't the same as mine evidently since he was quite adamant that he trusts the insurance industry to provide health insurance at a decent price for all. Those bastards only care about their bottom line and somehow I don't see them providing most working stiffs with decent coverage at a price most of us can really afford. He blathered on about tax credits yet will consider health insurance taxable income..make up your mind jackass. Your tax credits might help folks who actually HAVE health insurance from their employers..what about those of us that DO NOT get any health insurance from our cheap-ass employers?

Energy Dependance. The current occupant of the oval office, true to form didn't say much, all the while running his piehole on this subject. Changing the Cafe Standards is nice but only a start, and taking 10 years to do it..wastes precious time. Asking for more drilling is in line with his Pro-Oil Company policies and yes my dear reader..he demanded more drilling..no surprise there, right? Doubling the Strategic Oil Reserves doesn't do a friggin thing for our energy consumption or our demand for foreign oil in the long term.

No Child Left Behind..Asshole STILL isn't funding it. Its an idea that is worthless if not funded. States and municipalities can not afford to fund your plan..is this news to you dipshit? Unlike you, who funds the war by borrowing from countries that aren't our friends..like China..States can not borrow money to fund your demands on school systems that already have problems meeting the current goals of NCLB..much less the new demands you wish to heap on them.

Increasing the size of the permanent military. Even the military brass sitting in the chamber didn't get excited on this one. Neither did I. I still don't see our citizens lining up in droves to go to Iraq and die for oil, unless the alternative is working at McDonalds.

Line of the night in my book (highlighted in bold):

"We went into this largely united -- in our assumptions and in our convictions. And whatever you voted for, you did not vote for failure".--Very astute you friggin moron. Since everything you said in the run up to the war in Iraq was a damn lie..No one really knows wtf they voted for..other than grabbing up the second largest oil reserves in the world and using our citizens to protect it, all the while dying and being permanently injured to do so. I feel the bold part is a Freudian slip..and no one can convince me otherwise.

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