Feb 26, 2007

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs: Our military capability is eroding

Strained by the demands of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is significant risk that the U.S. military won't be able to quickly and fully respond to yet another crisis, according to a new report to Congress.

The assessment, prepared by General Peter Pace, is significantly worse than last years assessment of our military readiness. Per an AP article:

"Pace's report comes as the U.S. is increasing its forces in Iraq to quell escalating violence in Baghdad. And top military officials have consistently acknowledged that the repeated and lengthy deployments are straining the Army, Marine Corps and reserve forces and taking a heavy toll on critical warfighting equipment."

Another thing to note: This report was prepared prior to BushCo's decision to send over 20,000 more troops into Iraq. Here is a quote attributable to Pace regarding our level of readiness:

"may take several years to reduce risk to acceptable levels."

All this, and the Jackass in the Oval office,his buddy the Big Dick Cheney and the SOS Condo Rice still posture and run their pieholes about Iran, and that ALL options are still on the table. Its another game of....wait for it... you ready?

FEAR FACTOR with your host's George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Of course the fear is that we will stretch everything and every military branch to the breaking point so that IF the terrorists actually attack America..we can't mobilize quick enough to deal with it.

Ain't this some bat guano my dear reader....and while Bush and his boy Cheney fiddle and spin...it all turns to crap before our very eyes.

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This just into the Newsroom: Terrorists bomb Afghan base where the Big Dick Cheney was holed up..they missed him, but the number of casualties is unknown.

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