Feb 16, 2007

Duplicit and complicit? I think so.

duplicity: contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially : the belying of one's true intentions by deceptive words or action.

complicity: association or participation in or as if in a wrongful act

The man in this article over on Editor and Publisher is both of the things listed above imho. This man is described as an Army veteran and Arabic linguist who worked in Iraq as a contract interrogator with the 82nd Airborne in early 2004. His name is Eric Fair, and the opinion piece is titled “An Iraq Interrogator’s Nightmare.

Eric also kept his mouth shut about what he saw and what he and others did in the name of our country. His time as an interrogator at Abu Ghraib or in Fallujah was surely a horrible nightmare for anyone with an ounce of compassion in his body or soul.

But, that said, he did participate. He is now trying to cleanse himself by 'coming clean' in various written media formats like the WaPo article above and a newspaper in Tennessee.

I question his motives for doing this. I do not feel comfortable taking his word on anything that happened over 3 years ago, and is subject to his emotional interpretation...or worse, his personal agenda...such as a book deal in the works perhaps. He was in the Army and then went into Iraq as a civilian contractor..more money that way, don't ya know?

If he wants to come clean, this guy needs to say his piece in front of a congressional hearing. A dramatic, chilling OpEd piece in WaPo doesn't cut it for me.

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