Feb 9, 2007

Edwards blogger debacle is over..or has it just started?

Slate has what can be considered the MSM's view on this shitstorm over the two ladies lefties he hired..or should I say his staff did. Edwards had never met them nor read their blogs.

WTF???? Did anyone read their blogs before they hired them? This is felony dumb folks.

Edwards apologized. He made the two bloggers apologize and retract their words, or in one instance at least..the blogger called it satire..both apologized on Edwards website. Edwards apologized.

Not once did anyone address the double standard..apparently its ok for Donohue to degrade and talk shit about "hollywood types"..I linked to some of his nasty bigotted tirades a couple of days ago on this subject. Media Matters has all of Donohues bigoted bullshit on their site if you care to look it over..its pretty nasty..just no "f-bombs" BIG FUCKING DEAL. HE IS STILL A NASTY VILE BIGOT AGAINST GAYS AND LIBERALS FROM THE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD.

ok..Now for Donohues response on his website..apparently its not enough..The fuckwit says he will stay on Edwards ass about it..scream it from the roof tops..here is a piece:

“We will launch a nationwide public relations blitz that will be conducted on the pages of the New York Times, as well as in Catholic newspapers and periodicals. It will be on-going, breaking like a wave, starting next week and continuing through 2007. It will be an education campaign, informing the public of what he did today. We will also reach out to our allies in the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist communities. They worked with us before on many issues, and are sure to do so again. What Edwards did today will not be forgotten.”


Kiss off Donohue..your a legend in your own mind..you and your 350,000 sheep..shut the fuck up and get over it. Your nothing more than a hitman for the rightwingers and a political terrorist.

I am done on this subject.

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