Feb 7, 2007

The rightwing nutjobs are going after Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan

Sumo brought this to my attention this morning. Seems the nutjob Bill Donohue is making a mountain out of a molehill here..and the MSM has picked up on it. Donohue is demanding the Edwards camp fire both the liberal bloggers they hired recently for past posts that bitch-slapped the Catholic rightwingers. The NYT has a nasty hitpiece up about the ladies here..and WaPo evidently is running with the story as well.

Glenn Greenwald has nicely dealt with these smarmy assholes by bringing up the rights skeletons with regard to bloggers they have hired as well. Take for instance John 'flipflop' McCains boy Patrick Hynes. Pat is a real piece of work my dear reader. The word fuckwit comes to mind when I think of Patty-boy.

Mahablog also takes exception to the rightwing nutjobs attacks on our liberal ladies by posting some YouTube videos of that idiot extraordinaire Michelle Malkin and her daddy Bill O'reilly. She also sounds off about this latest smear crusade on Shakes Sister and Pandragon's lady here.

Media Matters has pulled some of Donohues skeletons out of his closet as well.

The right can never do no wrong..and the left never does anything right..if you listen to the rightwing nutjobs..hopefully Edwards campaign won't. Only time will tell.

I will say this..if Edwards fires either of those ladies..I won't be voting for that thin skinned sumbitch.

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