Mar 16, 2007

The Gonzo-gone pool starts NOW!

Seems Uncle Al is in some deep caca..he is getting hit from all sides now. First it was the firing of the ‘great 8′ USA’s..then it was the FBI lying about their numbers. Now..we hear that BushCo shut down an investigation by the Justice Departments Office of Professional Responsibility into Bush’s domestic wiretapping without warrants. Uncle Al was going to be investigated during this process and what did the Shrub do to save Uncle Al’s ass?

He denied the investigators security clearances that they needed in order to conduct the investigation. Once he did that..he killed the investigation, thereby saving Uncle Al the embarrassment of being investigated.

Wotta guy!

The link above goes to a National Journal article on the subject of the OPR investigation. After the NJ article broke..there was a letter sent to Uncle Al about his role in this newest of “fresh hells” for the Bush White House by John Conyers.

The National Journal raises the question..did the Shrub know that Uncle Al was going to most likely be investigated when he killed the investigation? Another point is, did Uncle Al know it and thereby advise the Shrub to kill the investigation. A couple of short blurbs from the NJ piece:

Sources familiar with the halted inquiry said that if the probe had been allowed to continue, it would have examined Gonzales’s role in authorizing the eavesdropping program while he was White House counsel, as well as his subsequent oversight of the program as attorney general.


Current and former Justice Department officials, as well as experts in legal ethics, question the propriety of Gonzales’s continuing to advise Bush about the investigation after learning that it might examine his own actions. The attorney general, they say, was remiss if he did not disclose that information to the president. But if Gonzales did inform Bush about the possibility and the president responded by stymieing the probe, that would raise even more-serious questions as to whether Bush acted to protect Gonzales, they said.

Oh, my dear gets curiouser and curiouser doesn’t it?

I say Uncle Al will be gone before the end of the your bets now! But, before you do..make sure to read the National Journal article and the Dear Al letter ok?

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